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There Goes I...

Archive of people with known drug/alcohol problems. Some are my recovery hero's... some did not win the battle... but for the grace of God, there goes I

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In The Rooms - Richie Supa

Richie Supa is a singer/songwriter who has 5 solo albums and has written songs for Aerosmith, Ozzy, Johnny Winter, Bon Jovi and Willie Nelson to name a few. He is a strong force behind the scenes with Aerosmith. Here is another video with Richie singing Amazing that he co-wrote with Steven Tyler

Amazing - cowritten by Steven Tyler and Richie Supa

2 dudes in recovery... doin it clean and sober not dead!

Steven Tyler wearing his chips out loud

Steve Tyler

 Steve Tyler with chips

Steven Tyler enjoyed 20 years of sobriety prior to his relapse in 2009. He knew what to do. He knew where to get help. Steve finished a 90 day rehab program in February 2010. He is working the 12 steps of AA. One step at a time, one day at a time, it works.... it really does.

 Jani Lane

Not Clean and Sober but Dead at age 47

Jani was the lead singer for Warrant. A real talented musician. He had a beautiful voice, played many instruments and wrote some great songs. Five of his songs were top 40 which includes Cherry Pie, Heaven and Down Boys. Jani was in and out Warrant many times due to a long running problems with alcohol and drugs. He was found dead on the 12 of August at age 47. No cause of death as of yet but alcohol was found in the room. In this video Jani is singing at the American Music Awards. The night before he had a little "incident" and as a result sports a black eye and a band-aid on the side of his head. I'm impressed he still went on the AMA's and sang. Warrant still plays with a new singer but they are different without the awesome talent of Jani Lane.

Alcoholism plays for keeps... no matter how we try to think we are different or how truly special we are... with alcohol we are just another drunk with a life threatening illness and the deck of cards stacked against us.


Amy Winehouse

September 14,1983 - July 23 2011

Alcoholism/Addiction plays for keeps

The first time I saw Amy Winehouse was on the David Letterman show. She had an interesting punk retro look and her music's vibe was contageous. I was smitten from the get go. I had to know more about her. I looked her up on the internet and was overwhelmed with the life she lived. A train wreck in the making every day. A sad reminder the life as an alcoholic/addict is a terrible thing. Amy was living life as an untreated alcoholic/addict daily in the media's eye as a celebrity. It was not a pretty sight. I went from smitten to thinking "whats that smell" everytime I saw her. A bad news funk just seemed to be her aura.

I'm sure the life of a celebrity with such scrutiny on ones out of control behavior as an alcoholic/addict is a ton of extra weight in an already losing situation. My friend Bud always said you don't quit dancing with the gorilla until the gorilla is through dancing. Amy always seemed to be ragged from the dance. The gorilla threw her around and walked all over her and killed another one of us.

I was sad for Amy knowing how difficult life is as an alcoholic/addict. I was sad for Amy not being able to face the demons and find relief as I had found by working some simple steps tought to me in Alcoholics Anonymous. I was sad for Amy that she died as an alcoholic/addict never finding out that one does not have to be continue in that endless tiring trap of alcoholism/addiction. Amy never found out that there is an easier, softer way. Amy died today at age 27. Read Russell Brand's "For Amy" by clicking here.

Amy has joined Club 27. Here are others who died when they were 27 years of age - Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Janice Joplin, Jim Morrison, Robert Johnson and Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones.

Alcoholism/addiction plays for keeps. Bye Amy.... God bless

Amy Winehouse on The Late Show with David Letterman





Wine Back Into Water - T. Graham Brown

This song was released in 1998 on an independant label and therefore was not widely played. Wine into Water is about T's battle with the bottle. He co-wrote this song as a therapeutic exercise but was ashamed of it after he wrote it. He was worried what his parents would think so it sat on the shelf for 3 years before it got recorded. The first time he sang it live he could tell it touched a nerve in people. They gave him a standing ovation and at the autograph table they would cry telling of their son, father, wife or other loved one that had a problem with alcoholism.

Alcoholism had dogged T throughout his years as a country music star. He moved to Nashville and tried to live the life of other famous entertainers who abused drugs and alcohol. He just thought that was the way they did it in Nashville and that was just fine by him. T. was nominated for a Country Music Association Award twice and appeared in several movies. T was busy and people were liking his meaningful songs with raw from-the-heart emotion.

T states "I just didn't feel it creeping up," he explains of his past alcohol addiction. "It was just all of sudden you wake up one day and you're deep in a big mess. You get to the point where you ask, 'Are you sucking on the bottle or is it sucking on you?' It was sucking on me. It was sucking my self-esteem, pride, confidence and everything. I woke up one day and I was a mess. I started drinking when I was 15 and I quit when I was 39. That's almost 25 years ago. When I started out, it was great -- going to fraternity parties and getting smashed and having fun. It seemed like 15, 17 or 18 years of that was just a blast. But the way I wound up was just dismal and dark. I was just in this deep, dark hole. I was depressed and had a lot of tearful days."

He was no stranger to trying to quit as he attempted several times but then something changed.

Today T has not drank alcohol since 1994.

Alcohol and drug addiction causes depression which affects all members of a family. New York Couples Counseling treats individuals and families struggling with depression. Counseling can help families deal with addiction.



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