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There Goes I...

Archive of people with known drug/alcohol problems. Some are my recovery hero's... some did not win the battle... but for the grace of God, there goes I


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Keith Urban


Tonight I Want To Cry - Keith Urban

This song is from the time whe Keith was still drinking. This song has many meanings to many...the lonliness, emptiness and sadness of being alone strikes many a chord with us drunks. Keith has been clean and sober since 2006. Keith states that since his recovery from addiction and alcoholism is been "the smoothest, easiest years of my life." Keith went on to state "I was one of those guys who was always thinking about the past, or about the future, but never the here. I even made an album called Be Here, and I still didn't get it – I was never really here . But now I love being in the present, because I have so much to be grateful for in the present."



Keith Whitley



Keith Whitley was a long time alcoholic and died from an alcohol overdose. He was an up and coming country superstar and at the time of his death was married to country singer Lori Morgan. Here is Keith singing "When you say nothing at all". Allison Kraus also had a huge hit with Keith's song many years later. Keith died May 9, 1989 at age 33. Alcoholism plays for keeps.


David Allan Coe

Outlaw Musician


David Allen Coe is one of the original country outlaws and one of the few that has actually lived up to the name. A real renegade from an early age. Coe was in and out of reform schools, correction centers and prisons from the age of 9. He supposedly was on death row for killing a fellow inmate and was a bonifide member of the "1 percenter biker club", The Outlaws. Coe has done his share of alcohol and drugs and done enough hard time for the casual observer to wonder how he’s survived this long. David has written well over 300 songs with hits such as "Take This Job And Shove It", "Jack Daniels If You Please" and "Long Haired Redneck" to name a few. Even now being over 70 years old, David Allan Coe is as busy as ever having toured with Kid Rock, sang with Uncle Cracker and made an an album with Dimebag Darrel from Pantera. I am a big fan of DAC songs and therefore we are featuring 2 of his songs... the first one is David earlier in his career and the later video is David now days singing at Billy Bobs of Texas.

David Allen Coe



Eric Clapton


Known as "Slowhand" Eric Clapton is the only meber of The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame to be inducted 3 times. Once with the band Cream, once with The Yardbirds and then also as a solo artist. He is also a multi grammy award winner for his music in film and TV. When one speaks of legendary guitar players Clapton's name will always rise to the top. Along with a great talent there has been many tragedies in his life such as the death of his son at age 4 which brought forth the song "Teardrops From Heaven" from the pain and grief of a loving father. Another tragedy struck when Stevie Ray Vaughan died in a helicoptor crash during a tour with Clapton. Clapton became addicted to herion and kicked the habit with a little help. As a result of his experience and personal desire to help others, He founded Crossroads Treatment Center. Clapton is also responsible for the annual Crossroads Music Festival to help raise money for those with substance abuse problems. Clapton is a man of action, doing all he can for those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. There so much histrory about Eric Clapton you can read more about him here.


Kris Kristofferson

Musician, Songwriter & Actor


Kristofferson with the original outlaws, Willie, Waylon & Cash singing "Why Me Lord".


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